Our edge

Pharma Stulln is a leading pharmaceutical company with over 60 years of experience in eye care. Our company is focused on manufacturing eye drops in single-dose and multi-dose containers that are preservative-free. Our superior technology and state-of-the-art production in Bavaria, Germany sets us apart as specialists in eye care.

Pharma Stulln is dedicated to bringing its experience and expertise to the Canadian health care community.

Our mission is to convert preserved products and re-introduce them as preservative-free. Our clear vision is to advance eye care in Canada and to offer treatments without any irritants.

Why preservative-free?
Damage to eye cells
Preservatives can cause ocular surface disease, damage to ocular cells and breakdown of tear film. Pharma Stulln patients get relief without damage to the eye surface.
Frequent users at risk
Long-term applications with ophthalmic products containing preservatives can eventually lead to futher irritation and discomfort. Pharma Stulln patients will value preservative-free comfort from day one.
True shelf-life
Preserved ophthalmic bottles are discarded shortly after the first-time usage. Pharma Stulln has a preservative-free unit dose and multi-dose containers that maintain true shelf-life for longer applications.
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